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Guide to the Machine




Manuals for This Machine

Description of Model Types

How to Read This Manual


Using Manuals

Installing Manuals on Your Computer

Opening Manuals

Opening from the desktop icon

Opening from the [Start] menu

Opening from the CD-ROM

Removing Manuals from Your Computer

Feature Highlights

Using the Machine as a Printer

Connecting via USB

Connecting via a network

Using the Machine as a Copier

Making enlarged or reduced copies

Copying multiple pages on one sheet

Sorting the output paper

Using the Machine as a Scanner

Scanning from a computer

Sending scanned files via e-mail

Sending scanned files to an FTP server

Sending scanned files to a computer's shared folder

Using the Machine as a Fax Machine

Using as a fax machine

Using the machine with an external telephone

Guide to Components

Exterior: Front View

Exterior: Rear View


Control Panel

Getting Started

Installing the Machine

Where to Put the Machine


Turning the Power on

Initial Setup

Changing Operation Modes

Saving Energy


Connecting the Machine

Connecting with USB Cable

Connecting with Network Cable

Reading the LED Lamps

Connecting to a Telephone Line

Configuring the Machine

Configuring Network Settings

Setting the machine to receive an IP address automatically

Assigning the machine's IP address manually

Configuring Telephone Network Settings

Selecting the telephone line type

Selecting the telephone network connection type

Setting the outside line access number

Sharing the Printer on a Network

Installing Options

Installing the Paper Feed Unit TK1010 (Tray 2)

Installing the Memory Unit Type F 256MB (DDR-SDRAM Module)

Paper and Other Media

Supported Paper for Each Tray

Specifications of Paper Types

Unsupported Types of Paper

Paper Storage Precautions

Printable Area

Loading Paper

Loading Paper in Tray 1

Loading Legal size paper

Loading envelopes

Loading Paper in the Optional Paper Feed Unit

Loading Paper in the Bypass Tray

Specifying Paper Type and Paper Size

Specifying the paper type

Specifying the standard paper size

Specifying a custom paper size

Placing Originals

About Originals

Recommended size of originals

Types of originals not supported by the Auto Document Feeder

Unscannable image area

Placing Originals

Placing originals on the exposure glass

Placing originals in the Auto Document Feeder

Entering Characters

Value Input Mode

Fax Number Input Mode

Text Input Mode

Using the Printer Function

Configuring Option Settings for the Printer

Conditions for Bidirectional Communication

If Bidirectional Communication is Disabled


Mac OS X

Accessing the Printer Properties

Accessing the Printer Properties from the [Printers and Faxes] Window

Accessing the Printer Properties from an Application


Mac OS X

Basic Operation in Printer Mode

If a Paper Mismatch Occurs

Continuing printing using mismatched paper

Resetting the print job

Canceling a Print Job

Canceling a print job before printing has started

Canceling a print job while printing

Using Various Print Functions

Print Quality Functions

Print Output Functions

Using the Copier Function

The Screen in Copier Mode

Basic Operation in Copier Mode

Canceling Photocopying

Making Enlarged or Reduced Copies

Copying Multiple Pages onto One Sheet

Specifying Scan Settings

Adjusting Image Density

Selecting the Document Type According to Original

Making 2-sided Copies

Using the Scanner Function

The Screen in Scanner Mode

Registering Scan Destinations

Modifying Scan Destinations

Deleting Scan Destinations

Scanning Using the Control Panel

Basic Operation for Sending Scanned Files

Specifying the scan destination

Specifying the Scan Settings

Specifying the scanning size according to the size of the original

Adjusting image density

Specifying resolution

Scanning from a Computer

Basic Operation for TWAIN Scanning

Scanning from a computer (Windows)

Scanning from a computer (Mac OS X)

Using the Fax Function

The Screen in Fax Mode

Setting the Date and Time

Registering Fax Destinations

Registering Fax Destinations Using the Control Panel

Modifying fax destinations

Deleting fax destinations

Registering Fax Destinations Using a Web Browser

Modifying fax destinations

Deleting fax destinations

Sending a Fax

Selecting Transmission Mode

Basic Operation for Sending a Fax

Cancelling fax sending

Specifying the Fax Destination

Specifying the destination using the One Touch buttons

Specifying the destination using Speed Dial

Specifying the destination using the broadcast function

Specifying the destination using the redial function

Useful Sending Functions

Specifying the Scan Settings

Adjusting image density

Specifying the resolution

Receiving a Fax

Selecting Reception Mode

Receiving a Fax in Manual Mode

Receiving a Fax in Fax Only Mode

Receiving a Fax in FAX/TEL Mode

Receiving a Fax in FAX/TAD Mode

Configuring the Machine Using the Control Panel

Basic Operation Using the Menu Screen

Menu Chart

Copy Settings

Changing Copy Settings

Copy Setting Parameters

Scanner Settings

Changing Scanner Settings

Scanner Setting Parameters

Fax Settings

Changing Fax Settings

Fax Setting Parameters

Fax Quick Dial/Speed Dial

Registering Fax Destinations in Fax Quick Dial/Speed Dial

Fax Quick Dial/Speed Dial Parameters

Machine Settings

Changing Machine Settings

Machine Setting Parameters

Network Settings

Changing Network Settings

Network Setting Parameters

Reports Print

Printing the Configuration Page

Reading the Configuration Page

Types of Report

Administrator Settings

Changing Administrator Settings

Administrator Setting Parameters

PDL Settings

Changing PDL Settings

PDL Setting Parameters

Configuring the Machine Using a Web Browser

Using a Web Browser

Displaying the Main Page

Changing the Interface Language

Checking the System Information and Tray/Toner Status

Checking Machine Status


Machine Information

Registering Destinations

Printing Reports

Configuring Network Setup

Network Status

Network Application

DNS Setting

Alert Messages

SNMP Settings

SMTP Settings

Configuring Administrator Setup


Setting Default

Setting Backup

Setting Restore



Common Problems

Paper Feed Problems

Removing Printing Jams

If paper jams inside the fusing unit

If paper jams inside a tray

If paper jams inside the transfer unit

Removing Scanning Jams

Print Quality Problems

Checking the Condition of the Machine

Printer Problems

Changing the Printer Driver Settings

Printed Colors Do Not Match Displayed Colors

Print Positions Do Not Match Display Positions

Copier Problems

Scanner Problems

Fax Problems

Error and Status Messages on the Screen

Replacing Print Cartridges

Replacing the Waste Toner Bottle



Cautions to Take When Cleaning

Cleaning the Toner Density Sensor

Cleaning the Friction Pad and Paper Feed Roller

Cleaning the Registration Roller

Cleaning the Exposure Glass

Cleaning the Auto Document Feeder

Moving the Machine

Moving over a Short Distance

Moving over a Long Distance


If the Machine is Not Going to Be Used for a Long Time

Preparing the Machine For a Long Period of Inactivity

Using the Machine Again after it has been Inactive for a Long Period

Where to Inquire


Print Cartridges

Waste Toner Bottle


Specifications of the Machine

General Function Specifications

Printer Function Specifications

Copier Function Specifications

Scanner Function Specifications

Fax Function Specifications

Specifications of Options

Paper Feed Unit TK1010

Memory Unit Type F 256MB

Electromagnetic Interference

Information about Installed Software