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Connecting to a Telephone Line

You can connect the machine to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) directly or through a private branch exchange (PBX).

Also, you can connect an external telephone to use the same telephone line for voice calls.


  • image: To reduce the risk of fire, use only No. 26 AWG or larger telecommunication line cord.

  • image: Pour réduire le risque d'incendie, utiliser uniquement des conducteurs de télécommunications 26 AWG ou de section supérieure.


  • image: By law in the United States, you must program your phone number identification (your fax number) into your machine before you can connect to the public phone system.

  • Make sure the connector is the correct type before you start.

1Connect a telephone line cord to LINE.


2If using an external telephone, connect the telephone to TEL.



  • After connecting the machine to the telephone line, configure the telephone line type.

  • If your telephone has functions that are not compatible with this machine, those functions will not be usable.

  • Confirm that you have registered user fax number and user name during Initial Setup. You can check the registered information in [User Settings] under [Admin Settings].