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Print Quality Functions

Print quality and color tone can be adjusted to suit the print data. Some of the print quality settings you can configure are described below. For details, see the printer driver Help.

Printing color documents in black and white

Because black and white printing is faster than color printing, this is more efficient for documents that do not need to be printed in color. Also, the black produced in black and white printing is a more distinct black than that produced in color printing.

Saving color toner when printing

You can save color toner by printing graphics and images with less than the usual amount of toner. Text is printed as usual so that it remains clear and easy to read.

This function is not available with Mac OS X.

Changing the image printing method

You can select to print with priority on print quality or print speed. When printing images, the higher the resolution of images, the longer the time required for printing.

Changing the dither pattern

A dither pattern is a pattern of dots used to simulate a color or shade of an image. If the pattern is changed, the characteristics of the image will also change. You can select a pattern suitable for the image to be printed.

Changing the color profiling pattern

You can select a color profiling pattern to adjust the tone of colors according to the colors displayed on the computer screen.

Because colors on the computer screen are created using the three RGB colors while colors for printing are composed of the four CMYK colors, colors need to be converted during the printing process. Therefore, images on the printed paper may look different from those on the computer screen if adjustment is not performed.

Printing grayscale images using black or CMYK

You can print black or gray parts of an image using black toner only, instead of using all CMYK toners. Compared to the black printed with CMYK toner, this results in a black that is flatter and purer.

Using ICM (Image Color Matching)

You can use Windows ICM function to reproduce colors that appear on the computer screen as close as they are on printed paper.

To use this function, the color profile must be added to the printer. You can find the color profile in the ICM folder stored on the provided printer driver CD-ROM. For information about adding a color profile, search Windows Help for “color profile”, and then see the appropriate topic.

This function is not available with Mac OS X.

Changing the method of downloading TrueType fonts to the machine

When you print documents that contain characters in TrueType fonts, garbled or distorted characters may be printed. Changing the method of downloading TrueType fonts may help to solve the problem. You can specify whether TrueType fonts are downloaded as TrueType fonts, bitmapped images, or graphics.