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Specifying the destination using Speed Dial

This section describes how to select a destination registered as a Speed Dial entry.

There are two ways to select a destination:

Entering a Speed Dial number

1Press the [Address book] key twice.


2Enter the registered number (1-50) of the Speed Dial entry using the number keys, and then press the [OK] key.


Searching by Speed Dial name

1Press the [Address book] key.

You can press the [Up arrow key][Down arrow key] keys to scroll through the Address Book.


2Enter the first letters of the desired Speed Dial entry's name using the number keys.

Each time you enter a character, the display changes to show matching names.


3Confirm that the desired entry is shown on the display, and then press the [OK] key.


  • When searching through the Address Book, only the Speed Dial entries will be found, not the Quick Dial entries.

  • You can check the registered names and fax numbers by printing a report.