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Basic Operation in Copier Mode

This section describes the basic procedure for making photocopies.


  • The original in the ADF takes precedence over the original on the exposure glass if you place originals both in the ADF and on the exposure glass.

1Press the [Copy] key.


2Place the original on the exposure glass or in the ADF.

If necessary, configure advanced photocopy settings.

3To make multiple copies, enter the number of copies using the number keys.

4Press the [B&W Start] key or [Color Start] key.


To make black-and-white photocopies, press the [B&W Start] key.

To make color photocopies, press the [Color Start] key.


  • The maximum number of copies is 99.

  • If tray 2 is installed, you can select which tray to feed paper from in the [Paper Select] setting under [Copy Settings].

  • When making multiple copies of a multi-page document, you can select whether copies are output in collated sets, or in page batches in the [Sort] setting under [Copy Settings].

  • If a paper jam occurs, printing stops after the current page has been printed out. After the jammed paper is removed, printing restarts from the jammed page automatically.

  • If a scanning jam occurs in the ADF, copying is canceled immediately. In this case, copy the originals again starting from the jammed page.


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