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Manuals for This Machine

Read the relevant manual for your purposes.

Safety Information

Provides information on safe usage of this machine.

To avoid injury and prevent damage to the machine, be sure to read this.

Quick Installation Guide

Contains procedures for removing the machine from its box and connecting it to a computer.

User Guide

Provides information about general operation and covers the topics listed below.

  • Installing options

  • Suitable paper types

  • Procedures to use the printer, copier, scanner, and fax functions

  • Configuring the machine

  • Troubleshooting problems and fixing paper jams

  • Replacing consumables

  • Checking the status of the machine using a Web browser

  • Information about maintenance

This manual is stored in the manual CD-ROM supplied with the machine.

Quick Guide

Provides information about troubleshooting and basic operations for making photocopies, scanning, and sending faxes.