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Cleaning the Toner Density Sensor

Clean the machine when the error message instructing you to do so appears.

This procedure explains how to clean the toner density sensor of the yellow print cartridge as an example of how to clean a sensor.


  • The inside of this machine becomes very hot. Do not touch the parts labelled “” (indicating a hot surface).

1Pull up the lever on the top cover, and then carefully raise the top cover.

Make sure that the exposure glass cover or ADF is closed.


2Lift out the rearmost print cartridge.


3Slide the toner density sensor lever once to the left.


Slide the lever only once.

4Carefully insert the print cartridge removed in step 2 vertically.


5Using both hands, hold the center of the top cover and close the cover carefully. Be careful not to trap your fingers.

After closing the top cover, wait until the initial screen is displayed.