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Using the Machine as a Scanner

There are two scanning methods: scanning from the computer (TWAIN scanning) and scanning using the control panel.

Scanning from the computer

TWAIN scanning allows you to operate the machine from your computer and scan originals into your computer directly.

TWAIN scanning can be performed using a TWAIN-compliant application, such as PageManager.

TWAIN scanning is available with both USB and network connections.

Scanning using the control panel

Scanning using the control panel allows you to send scanned files via e-mail (Scan to E-mail), to an FTP server (Scan to FTP), or to the shared folder of a computer on a network (Scan to Folder).

Scanning using the control panel is available with network connection only.


  • The machine supports WIA scanning, an additional method of scanning originals from your computer, for USB connection. WIA scanning is possible if your computer is running Windows operating system and a WIA-compatible application. For more information, see the manual for your application.