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Scanner Problems

This section describes scanner problems and possible solutions.



The machine does not start scanning.

The ADF or ADF cover is open. If the ADF or ADF cover is open, you cannot scan using the ADF. Close the ADF or ADF cover.

The scanned image is dirty.

  • The exposure glass or ADF is dirty. See Cleaning.

  • Before placing originals on the exposure glass, make sure that toner or correction fluid is dry.

The scanned image is distorted or out of position.

The original was moved during scanning. Do not move the original during scanning.

The scanned image is upside down.

The original was placed upside down. Place the original in the correct orientation. See Placing Originals.

The scanned image is blank.

The original was placed with the front and back reversed. When using the exposure glass, place originals copy side down. When using the ADF, place originals copy side up. See Placing Originals.

The scanned image is too dark or too light.

Adjust the image density. See Adjusting image density.