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Moving the Machine

This section provides cautions that you must follow when moving the machine both short and long distances.


  • The machine weighs approximately 30.0 kg (66.2 lb.). When moving the machine, use the inset grips on both sides, and lift slowly in pairs. The machine will break or cause injury if dropped.

  • Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet before you move the machine. While moving the machine, you should take care that the power cord will not be damaged under the machine.

  • When you disconnect the power plug from the wall outlet, always pull the plug (not the cable).

  • When moving the machine after use, do not take out any of the toners, nor the waste toner bottle to prevent toner spill inside the machine.

Repack the machine in its original packing materials when moving it a long distance.


  • Be sure to disconnect all cables from the machine before transporting it.

  • The machine is a precision piece of machinery. Be sure to handle it carefully when moving it.

  • Make sure to move the machine horizontally. Take extra caution when carrying the machine up or down stairs.

  • If tray 2 is installed, remove it from the machine, and move them separately.

  • Do not hold onto the tray area when lifting the machine.