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Print Cartridges

Print cartridge

Average printable number of pages per cartridge *1


2,000 pages


2,000 pages


2,000 pages


2,000 pages

*1 A4/Letter 5% test chart, printing continuously in monochrome/color only.


  • If print cartridges are not changed when necessary, printing will become impossible. For easy replacement, we recommend you purchase and store extra print cartridges.

  • The actual number of printable pages varies depending on the image volume and density, number of pages printed at a time, paper type and paper size used, and environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity.

  • Print cartridges may need to be changed sooner than indicated above due to deterioration over the period of use.

  • Print cartridges (consumables) are not covered by warranty. However, if there is a problem, contact the store where they were purchased.

  • When you first use this machine, use the four print cartridges packaged with the machine.

  • The supplied print cartridges are good for approximately 1,000 pages.

  • This machine routinely performs cleaning and uses toner during this operation to maintain quality.