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Registering Fax Destinations Using a Web Browser

This section describes how to register destinations using a Web browser.

1Start the Web browser and access the machine by entering its IP address.

2Click [One Touch Button] or [Fax Speed Dial].

3From the [Add New Type] list, select [Fax].

4Select [Quick Dial] or [Speed Dial], and then select the registration number from the list.

5Register [Name] and [Fax Number] as necessary.

6Enter the administrator password if required.

7Click [Submit].

8Close the Web browser.

Fax destination settings




Quick Dial / Speed Dial


Select the number to which you want to register Quick Dial or Speed Dial destination.



Name of the destination. The name specified here will be shown on the screen when selecting a fax destination. Can contain up to 20 characters.

Fax Number


Fax number of the destination. Can contain up to 40 characters.


  • A fax number can contain 0 to 9, pause, “*”, “#”, and space.

  • If necessary, insert a pause in a fax number. The machine pauses briefly before it dials the digits following the pause. You can specify the length of the pause time in the [Pause Key Time] setting under [Fax Settings].

  • To use tone services on a pulse-dialing line, insert “*” in a fax number. “*” switches the dialing mode from pulse to tone temporarily.