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Installing the Memory Unit Type F 256MB (DDR-SDRAM Module)


  • Before installing the memory unit to the machine, turn off the power and unplug the power cable. When turning on the machine after the installation, be sure to close the memory cover in advance.


  • The optional memory unit can be installed in the Type 3 model only.

  • Before touching the memory unit, ground yourself by touching something metal to discharge any static electricity. Static electricity can damage the memory unit.

  • Do not subject the memory unit to physical shocks.

1Turn off the power, and then unplug the power cord.

2Remove the memory cover.


3Loosen the screw securing the inner cover.


4Be sure to install the memory unit as shown.


5To install the memory unit, align the notch of the unit with the protruding part of the slot, and then carefully push in the unit at an angle.


6Holding the module at an angle, press it down until it clicks into place.


7Attach the inner cover, and then fasten the screw.


8Attach the memory unit cover.

9After installing the memory unit, print the PDL configuration page to confirm the installation.

If it is installed properly, “384MB” will appear for “Total Memory” under “System Reference” on the PDL configuration page.


  • After installing the optional memory unit, select the appropriate size for the machine's total memory in the printer driver. For details, see the printer driver Help.

  • If the memory unit is not properly installed, repeat this procedure. If you cannot install it properly even after reinstallation, contact your sales or service representative.