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Moving over a Long Distance

If you intend to move the machine over a long distance, you must pack it well. Empty all the paper trays, but do not remove any print cartridges. Take care not to tip or tilt the machine during transit.


  • Do not remove the print cartridges when moving the machine.

1Be sure to check the following points:

  • The power switch is turned off.

  • The power cord is unplugged from the wall outlet.

  • All other cables are unplugged from the machine.

  • All paper trays are empty.

2If tray 2 is installed, remove it.

3Return the scanning unit inside the machine to its original position using [Scanner Carriage] under [Machine Settings].


  • Toner might spill inside the machine if the machine is not kept level during transit.

  • For more information about moving the machine, contact your sales or service representative.