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Checking the Condition of the Machine

If there is a problem with the quality of printing, first check the condition of the machine.

Possible Cause


There is a problem with the machine's location.

Make sure that the machine is on a level surface. Place the machine where it will not be subject to vibration or shock.

Unsupported types of paper is used.

Make sure that the paper being used is supported by the machine. See Supported Paper for Each Tray.

The paper type setting is incorrect.

Make sure that the paper type setting of the printer driver matches the type of paper loaded. See Specifying Paper Type and Paper Size.

A non-genuine print cartridge is being used.

Refilled or non-genuine print cartridges reduce print quality and can cause malfunctions. Use genuine print cartridges only. See Consumables.

An old print cartridge is being used.

Print cartridges should be opened before their expiration date and used within six months of being opened.

The machine is dirty.

See Cleaning, and clean the machine as required.

Color degradation has occurred.

Color degradation may occur in color printing after the machine is moved or a large number of pages are printed. In this case, adjust color registration by executing [Color Regist.] in [Machine Settings].