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Cautions to Take When Cleaning


  • Do not attempt any maintenance or troubleshooting other than that mentioned in this manual. This machine contains a laser beam generator and direct exposure to laser beams can cause permanent eye damage.


  • The inside of this machine becomes very hot. Do not touch parts labelled “” (indicating a hot surface).

Clean the machine periodically to maintain high print quality.

Dry wipe the exterior with a soft cloth. If dry wiping is not enough, wipe with a soft, damp cloth that is wrung out well. If you still cannot remove the stain or grime, use a neutral detergent, wipe over the area with a well-wrung damp cloth, and then dry wipe the area and allow it to dry.


  • To avoid deformation, discoloration, or cracking, do not use volatile chemicals, such as benzine and thinner, or spray insecticide on the machine.

  • If there is dust or grime inside the machine, wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

  • You must disconnect the plug from the wall outlet at least once a year. Clean away any dust and grime from the plug and outlet before reconnecting. Accumulated dust and grime pose a fire hazard.

  • Do not allow paper clips, staples, or other small objects to fall inside the machine.