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Displaying the Main Page

When you access the machine using a Web browser, the main page appears in your browser's window.

1Launch the Web browser.

2In the Web browser's address bar, enter “http://(machine's IP address)/” to access the machine. If a DNS or WINS server is used and the machine's host name has been specified, you can enter the host name instead of the IP address.


  • Knowledge Base

    A Knowledge Base is prepared to provide FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and other useful information about using this machine.

    Click [To Knowledge Base] to view the Knowledge Base. An internet connection is required to view the Knowledge Base.


  • The Knowledge Base is not available in certain languages.

  • Current messages on the machine's display are shown in the upper right-hand corner of the Web browser. These messages are refreshed in every ten seconds. Note that messages are shown in English only.