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Getting Started

Installing the Machine

Where to Put the Machine


Turning the Power on

Initial Setup

Changing Operation Modes

Saving Energy


Connecting the Machine

Connecting with USB Cable

Connecting with Network Cable

Reading the LED Lamps

Connecting to a Telephone Line

Configuring the Machine

Configuring Network Settings

Setting the machine to receive an IP address automatically

Assigning the machine's IP address manually

Configuring Telephone Network Settings

Selecting the telephone line type

Selecting the telephone network connection type

Setting the outside line access number

Sharing the Printer on a Network

Installing Options

Installing the Paper Feed Unit TK1010 (Tray 2)

Installing the Memory Unit Type F 256MB (DDR-SDRAM Module)

Paper and Other Media

Supported Paper for Each Tray

Specifications of Paper Types

Unsupported Types of Paper

Paper Storage Precautions

Printable Area

Loading Paper

Loading Paper in Tray 1

Loading Legal size paper

Loading envelopes

Loading Paper in the Optional Paper Feed Unit

Loading Paper in the Bypass Tray

Specifying Paper Type and Paper Size

Specifying the paper type

Specifying the standard paper size

Specifying a custom paper size

Placing Originals

About Originals

Recommended size of originals

Types of originals not supported by the Auto Document Feeder

Unscannable image area

Placing Originals

Placing originals on the exposure glass

Placing originals in the Auto Document Feeder

Entering Characters

Value Input Mode

Fax Number Input Mode

Text Input Mode