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Guide to the Machine




Manuals for This Machine

Description of Model Types

How to Read This Manual


Using Manuals

Installing Manuals on Your Computer

Opening Manuals

Opening from the desktop icon

Opening from the [Start] menu

Opening from the CD-ROM

Removing Manuals from Your Computer

Feature Highlights

Using the Machine as a Printer

Connecting via USB

Connecting via a network

Using the Machine as a Copier

Making enlarged or reduced copies

Copying multiple pages on one sheet

Sorting the output paper

Using the Machine as a Scanner

Scanning from a computer

Sending scanned files via e-mail

Sending scanned files to an FTP server

Sending scanned files to a computer's shared folder

Using the Machine as a Fax Machine

Using as a fax machine

Using the machine with an external telephone

Guide to Components

Exterior: Front View

Exterior: Rear View


Control Panel