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XP Version 1.00 Demo

Important Notice

MCERICOH - XP is designed to work on most computers that have PC card controllers. However, some computer hardware does not allow MCERICOH - XP to work correctly, or may cause a problem.
So, Ricoh strongly recommend that you confirm that MCERICOH - XP works on your computer using the 30-day demo version, before you purchase the MCERICOH - XP from a local Ricoh subsidiary or OEM partner.
After the 30-day trial period expires, you will no longer be able to use MCERICOH - XP, unless you purchase the full version.

MCERICOH - XP Version 1.00 Demo
(xp100demo.exe, 3,200,512 bytes)

[Description of changes from Version 1.11 to XP Version 1.00]

The MCERICOH -XP Version 1.00 Demo installation takes 3 steps.
  1. Preparation
  2. Unzip the Installation Files
  3. MCERICOH - XP V1.00 Demo Installation
  4. Getting Started

1. Preparation

Before you start the MCERICOH - XP installation, you must prepare the following.

2. Unzip the Installation Files

The MCERICOH - XP V1.00 demo version program comes in an exe file.
Unzip xp100demo.exe to a temporary folder. This creates the following folders and files.

\disk1 (folder) contains installation files.
\disk2 (folder) contains installation files.
\disk3 (folder) contains installation files.

3. MCERICOH - XP V1.00 Demo Installation

Execute install.bat in the temporary folder, then follow the instructions on the screen. The User Guide contains additional information (use the following link).

MCERICOH User Guide (PDF format)

4. Getting Started

The first time you start MCERICOH - XP V1.00 demo, you may need to configure the operating system and the MCERICOH - XP settings.
The configuration procedure differs depending on the operating system you are using. Refer to one of the following links.

Windows 98 Second Edition
Windows Millennium Edition
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows XP Home/Professional


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